The Internals Of Apache Spark Has Moved

To Different Organization and GitHub Pages

Jacek Laskowski
1 min readDec 27, 2019

For now…

Until I figure out how to make all “The Internals Of” online books available under a single root domain, e.g. Consider it a WIP and part of my resolutions for 2020.

Having said that, as of today, the repository with the sources of “The Internals Of Apache Spark” (formerly “Mastering Apache Spark”) are available in the repository apache-spark-internals under the japila-books organization.

The book is published (via GitHub Pages) to (which is the default name for github pages).

That’s my very first time when I created an organization on GitHub and transferred ownership of a project. It seems working fine so far. Sorry for any troubles it may have caused. Simply file an issue in the repo 👉

Things to be worked on are:

  1. Transfer all “The Internals Of” online books to the organization.
  2. Have a single “books” domain.
  3. Convince Antora to generate the pages without this extra project name, e.g. apache-spark-internals.


I think I figured out how to generate all the internals books to a single domain. Since I wanted Antora to generate pages without this extra project name, e.g. apache-spark-internals, I could instead have an antora uber-playbook for all the books that would end up in their directories and be published under the main “blog” repository for the organization.

That could work 🤔

That could take ages to generate though, couldn’t that? Hmmm…I’ve got things to do. Over for now.



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